This year, Johnstown Magazine invites you to help pick the 2017 Beautiful People.
Winners will be pictured in the May issue of JM.
Please pick up to 10 (couples will be consider one vote).
Only one vote allowed per email address.
Votes will be counted through March 24th.


1. Breanna Haselrig, 23, is a graduate of Johnstown High School and of Saint Francis University where she majored in social work. She is currently working on her master's degree. She was a cheerleader since 3rd grade and cheered at Saint Francis as well. She has worked with foster kids for a year and also works with children at The Learning Lamp and at a daycare center.


2. Rosalie Danchanko is executive director at Johnstown Free Medical Clinic.
“She is beautiful on the outside because she ages well,” writes the friend who nominated her. “She is going on 70, yet she looks no more than 60. Her youthful appearance and energy rubs off on others. She is a charismatic philanthropist and a motivational public speaker/figure who teaches people about health, education, and has extensive knowledge in the business arena. She is as beautiful as she is inside and out.”


3. Adrienne Mohr is wellness coordinator at LaurelWood Care Center. “She teaches fitness and art and also serves as a best-bud to the residents in Amber Springs. She is most definitely beautiful on the outside, but has an amazing and sparkling personality to match. She has been the light of my mother's world since she started working there a few years ago. I've not known another who puts more love into what she does. She brightens the lives of many with her humor, her amazing smile and incredible talent. She is also a fashion designer and a single mother.


4. Duaine Detrick is a “community minded person who believes the Greater Johnstown area has many positive aspects and is a proponent of making it a wonderful place to live and work. He does a great deal of volunteer work and is an organizing committee member for numerous regional and community events – including Richland Community Days, The Portage Area Summerfest, Veterans Community Initiatives, Forest Hills Festival, St. Benedict Church, Cambria City Ethnic Festival, Holy Cross Lutheran Church, Clymer Days Festival, Johnstown Super Cruise Car Show and many more.
He owns the Duaine Detrick Insurance Agency in Portage and has been a musician in the area since the late 1960s and has performed in many local bands, most recently with Three Of Hearts.”


5. Alexis Capouellez is the skating director for Cambria County and runs the local Learn-to-Skate program. She also teaches private figure skating lessons. “Alexis has taken her girls to competitions from Boston to Orlando and is like a second mom to all of our girls, helping us raise them to be strong, compassionate, self-assured young ladies. She teaches them how to win and lose with grace and to show class wherever they go. Alexis is, indeed, a beautiful person inside and out.”

dh 6. Amy Chippie and Deanna Hoffman are best friends who work together as pharmacy technicians at Rite Aid and are the mothers of teenagers. The pair do lots of community events together – polar plunge (dressing up as a pink bra in honor of breast cancer awareness), color runs, and obstacle courses to benefit local charities. “Customers at work know that where there is one, the other isn't far behind. Both are 'people people' who tend to attract the customers like magnets. They are known to buy the person behind them coffee at Sheetz in the morning, visit elderly people on their morning walk when they are sitting outside, or buy donuts for the road crew fixing the roads. On top of all of that, both have an ailing parent to take care of. Yet you never see this duo without a smile on their faces.”

7. Jen Woolever was nominated by her husband. “I'd like to submit my wife, Jen Woolever.” he wrote. “She's a office manger at Edward Jones office here in Johnstown. She loves pugs, jeeps and the beach, and she is known to do the not-so-ordinary things like jump out of a plane on my b-day with me.”


8.Tyler King, 18, is senior at Bishop McCort Catholic High School. He was nominated by his brother. “Tyler is truly beautiful both inside and out. I now work in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles, but I love bragging about my amazing younger siblings. Beyond Tyler's swoon-worthy features, I am most proud of his passionate and caring spirit. He is overflowing with heart and consistently puts others above himself. He's fiercely protective of his friends and the many members of our large family. Tyler never hesitates to help someone in need. A constant team player always looking to elevate those he loves, Tyler remains quiet and humble despite his achievements.”


9.Kristy Goughnour, 30, lives in Portage and works as a geologist in Altoona. “Not only is she beautiful on the outside, she has a beautiful soul on the inside. Kristy was born with a cleft lip which was fixed when she was born. She currently spends time on social media trying to get involved with cleft lip awareness and tries to give people who were also born with this issue self confidence. She believes everybody is beautiful and always is the first to give somebody a compliment.”


10. Kayla Puchko Stephenson is “a wonderful cheerleader for Johnstown. She lives and breathes improvement of her hometown and it shows in her personal and her professional life. Kayla is involved in so many charitable causes as well as making Johnstown a better place through her business life. She is the embodiment of all that is good about Johnstown in my opinion.”


11. Ruth Ferchalk is “a champion for Alzheimer's. She is a member of the Cambria/Somerset Walk to End Alzheimer's planning committee and is a top fundraiser for the walk each and every year. She is active in her church community and is an advocate for all the great things there are to do in Johnstown throughout the year.”


12. Alexa Semelsberger, 25, of Northern Cambria “has a heart of gold. She is kind, loyal, and giving. She continues to find time to assist in her community – visiting local senior centers, coaching volleyball, while working as an occupational therapist. She is a genuine young woman with true inner and outer beauty!”


13. Suzie Thomas of Summerhill “is a beautiful person inside and out. She volunteers, does the Madrigal dinner at Christmas and is always there if someone needs help. She is always cheerful no matter the situation. She is having a health setback right now, so her activities are slowed down. She loves to celebrate, and has everyone else celebrating when she is around. She wears 'head bobbles' for every holiday, and it brings a smile to everyone that she sees. She is loved by many.”


14. Georgine Suder takes her job as a sales exec and a mother to two teenage boys very seriously, but she also finds time in her busy schedule to do much good for the community. Georgine is known about town as the “Pepper Wagon Lady,” as she can be found at many local events selling her delicious “Stuffed Pepper Sandwiches.” She supports many fundraisers including events to support North Star School as well as her church where she heads up two annual soup sales. She also works hard to support Johnstown Police Department fundraisers. In addition, Georgine is very involved with caring for her ailing parents. She truly has a heart of gold and can't seem to say no when someone needs help.


15.Viola Najjar was nominated by her daughter. “This lovely woman has graced Johnstown for 86 years and chances are that you, or someone you know has taken swimming lessons at the Johnstown YWCA. My mother has volunteered, taught and instructed at the YWCA for 75 years. She was named the Aquatics Director in 1989 and has literally taught thousands of students in her over seven decades of service. Her beauty shines outwardly by her warm smile and the genuine kindness that comes from her heart. She is the most sincere person I have ever known and along with my 10 other siblings, we are so proud to call her our beautiful mom.”


16. Jackie DeBarto, 82, was nominated by her daughter. “My mother is not only beautiful on the outside, she is even more strikingly beautiful on the inside. Jackie is affectionately known as Oma by not only her grandchildren but also by all that know her. My beautiful mother is a retired schoolteacher and the former owner of The Hotel Stardust. It does not matter where we are, former students and patrons consistently stop and say hello, hug her, or profess how much she has meant to them after all of these years. Jackie is also a 15-year breast cancer survivor. She is an inspiration to all that know her. My mother is loving and caring and puts herself before others.”


17. Pat Stringent was nominated by her daughter-in-law. “My mother-in-law is affectionately known as Bubba. She is very caring and loyal to her family and friends. She is also the best friend of my mother, Jackie DeBarto, who I also nominated. They enjoy spending time with each other at Starbucks, have their own little Book Club and just love each other’s company. It is very beautiful watching their friendship. Pat also belongs to a knitting club and has taken up crochet. She is very selfless and is a very vibrant 75-year-old 'young-at-heart' lady.”


18. Kim and Neil McCallay. Neil nominated his wife. But we threw him in as well, cause he's great to look and must be a terrific husband. “Not only is my wife beautiful on the outside, but she is even better on the inside. She was born and raised here and worked at Ameriserv for almost 20 years, yet she has found the time to raise two great children. She always sees the good in people, speaks the truth and can brighten anyone's day. I have learned that in life there are two kinds of people that you will forever remember no matter how old you get, they were either an A-hole or a great person that stuck out of the crowd and was a very nice person, the latter of the two is my wife, Kim.”


19. Matt Spangler. “Matt is a great young man who clearly could have migrated away from our area and had great success, but has stayed. He works with the United Way so you may be familiar with him. He is involved in the community and is just an absolutely great guy.”


20. Carissa Penatzer was nominated by her husband. “Carissa is in her second year as the lead instructor/teacher for the high school health assistant program at GJCTC. In such a short time she has gained the trust and has built a strong relationship with her students. There is a not a week goes by that she isn't telling me what a student wrote to her, or how her influence has helped a student achieve his or her goals. Prior to working at GJCTC she was a RN in the allergy dept. at ENT Associates and still has patients who recognize her and tell her how much they miss her. I may be biased, but in my humble opinion my wife is truly a great mother, wife and a beautiful person inside and out.”


21. Mildred “Millie” Liska 100, of Davidsville “conveys beauty not only visually with her smile and physical appearance, but also because she exudes a beauty that is reflected in her love of family and in her deep and abiding faith in God. Like everyone else in life, Millie has experienced moments of joy and happiness alongside times of trial and tribulation. Yet her faith in God's promised presence in her life and her continuous involvement in her local  church community has enables her to successfully raise a wonderful family of three sons and three daughters who themselves have made significant contributions to their communities and now have families of their own.”

jk 22. Jessica Karol's “giggles and happy face would put smiles on the gloomiest person,” her mother wrote. “She doesn't speak in complex sentences, yet she has more friends than I do. Her work ethic, learned at the Goodwill Workshop, is uncommonly found in many these days. Community volunteer work includes Food for People, St. Vincent de Paul, food pantries and even picking up litter from the Inclined Plane hillside. Her biggest accomplishment: leaving some of her autistic world to join ours. A hard and very slow (34 year) journey.”

23.Veronica Petrus is a freshman at Penn State Main where she is majoring in astrophysics and astronomy. She is a graduate of Westmont Hilltop High School where she captained two Westytek Robotics teams that traveled to the world championships in St. Louis. She also helped mentor the middle school's first Lego robotics team and their technology club. Over her summer break, she instructed Westmont's Drumline. While in high school, she was a member of National Honor Society, District Orchestra (violin), Competitive Jazz Ensemble (trombone), indoor percussion and marching band, Key Club, swim team, language and art clubs. She also was a member of the cast of “South Pacific.” When she's not cramming for a physics or calculus exam, at Penn State, she is a member of the Penn State Spirit Band, The Music Service Club, and Astronomy Club.


24. Karen E. Roman is an 18-year elementary teacher at Richland Elementary and is “a great hands-on mom to two children and a housewife to Dave Roman Jr., basketball coach for Westmont High School. Her activities include participation at her church, West Hills Community, school programs, and other projects for her own children and others at the school. She was named a top sales person for Sabika jewelery in the state and is a devoted daughter to parents and a great friend.”


25. Megan Montag is a busy wife and mother of two and part-time teacher at Penn Highlands. Megan enjoys photography, running, yoga and reading. “Her concern and compassion for family and friends is uncanny. She truly is beautiful inside and out.”


26. Kelly Morris Dreher, a local novelist, can be billed as an author, a teacher, a video-journalist or simply as a writer – but her favorite title is volunteer. Hailing from the Sidman area as a 2001 graduate of Forest Hills High School, Kelly has donated her time to helping direct the school’s theatre productions for years. “I was a part of the drama program there, and without the club and its incredible ability to help kids find the confidence to follow their dreams, I might not have followed mine,” she says. “The shows are a lot of work, but there’s no way I would rather spend my time than giving back to a club that gave so much to me.”
Kelly also volunteers at area libraries and hosts readings and book talks for her first youth novel, The Green Locket Her second novel, The American Locket, is set to publish this summer.


27. LaShae Jeffers is “an income case maintenance worker for the Dauphine county assistance satellite office. In addition to that, she is a behavioral specialist consultant at the ACRP and the Healthy All Over Coordinator at the Christian Home. During her free time she does event planning and uses her creativity to make an empty room come to life.”


28.Toya Taylor is “a neuroscience nurse at 10 Rose Pavilion at Conemaugh Hospital. She balances her work life to be great mother and finance. In her spare time, she also does free vital signs screening for the community FWA twice a month.”


29. Greg Nash takes “pride in being a former Johnstown Trojan. He is also a West Hills fitness in-house trainer for the Fit 4 Life program. He teaches the youth to embrace exercising and uses the program to help kids have fun attacking obesity and staying fit.”


30. Chelsea Dividock hails from Portage. “I had the pleasure of meeting Chelsie seven years ago when her brother, Luke, and my son, Connor, played on the B. Hale Boilers baseball team. The moment I met her, it was an instant friendship! A friendship captured by her warm personality and infectious smile! Not only is she beautiful on the outside, but she truly does have a heart made of gold! She would do anything for you as her family, fiancée and many friends can attest to. She is intelligent, witty and caring but most of all, someone who will always be there for you in any time of need. Chelsie has a smile that will light up a room no matter where she is!”


31. Carolyn Michalko is “a mother to a daughter and is expecting a new little one. She runs a successful photography studio, Carolyn Renee's in Windber, and is wife to Todd Mihalko. She is a good and caring mom, daughter and good friend.”


32. Eszter Seth hails from Hungary, her friend and co-worker writes. “She works full time at the hospital, where she is one of the ones responsible for mentoring new employees in the department. She volunteers for many things including fundraisers and functions where she represents the hospital. She is good friend, a wonderful co-worker and generally a kind and caring person.”