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Breast Cancer Survivors

These women tell of their battle against breast cancer.

By Karlene Koh and Lily Bradley

As long as breast cancer continues its relentless push to disrupt or even destroy lives, there will be stories like these - stories of those who stand up to cancer. These are the survivors. Their battles are not over, but these women have a lot to teach us. They have learned how to live life to its fullest; to enjoy the moment and not stress over the unimportant. They have learned the value of family and good friends. They have learned what a difference faith can make. And they have learned that courage does not mean there is no fear, it means moving on in the face of fear.

While living in Hawaii, Suzanne Mykicz Simler of Portage says she learned she had cancer after her first mammogram in May 2014. Her husband, Sean, was retiring from the Air Force and they were going to move to Pennsylvania. Therefore, she wanted to get a mammogram before she forgot amidst the hectic move. "You know, it was my first one so I wasn't even thinking anything about it," the 41-year-old mother recalls.

After her mammogram, she was told that if she got a letter in the mail two weeks later it would mean everything was fine. However, only two days after her mammogram, Suzanne got a call saying that the doctors found something suspicious and they wanted her to come in.

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