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Tom Getty’s Rising Fear is getting a lot of national attention.

By Arlene Johns

If hard work, talent and enthusiasm get you anywhere, Tom Getty is going places - and he’s taking Johnstown with him!

Getty, who was born and raised in Johnstown, is on the cusp of what could be a very promising career in film writing and producing. Oh, and he might be on his way as an actor as well. Getty does all three in his recently released action thriller, Rising Fear. He also created the original music for the film. In June, the film was screened at the Westwood Plaza Theatre with all proceeds going to area veterans.

It was named the Best Action Feature at the 2016 GI Film Festival in Washington, D.C., Best Feature at the 2016 MCA-TV Film Festival in Pittsburgh and is in the No. 2 spot for new releases on where it competes with films from Sony Pictures, Lionsgate and Universal Pictures. The film will be screened in September at an LA film festival where it will have top billing - the coveted 8 p.m. Friday spot.

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