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Pittsburgh Steelers

We may not live in 'The Burgh,' but we're steel fans!

By David Sutor

Call it a passion or maybe even an obsession. By either description, following the Pittsburgh Steelers is an emotional and important part of many local fans' lives from the beginning of training camp through the end of the season and beyond. They watch games, read articles, call radio talk shows, debate play calls, analyze players' performances and occasionally even place wagers. The faithful buy black-and-gold T-shirts, game jerseys, hats, mugs, posters and countless other items emblazoned with the franchise's iconic hypocycloids logo.

More than 60,000 pack into Heinz Field for home games. All is right when the Steelers win. Losses, though, make for really bad Monday mornings.
That passion - maybe even obsession - has helped the Steelers Nation earn a reputation as one of the most loyal fan bases in all of professional sports.

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